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Veepul Kaushik designs showroom for Honda Group using recycled container

The 40 ft recycled container is designed to accommodate all necessary spaces required for any fixed showroom.  Container Designer Veepul Kaushik, the promoter of Prisha Container lines recently designed the movable car showroom for Honda Group with the provision to display the two cars with the sale office and customer lounge. The 40 ft recycled […]

GYGY Mentis innovative commercial hub Noida

Lubrizol’s FlowGuard Plus CPVC piping system receives Green accreditation from GRIHA Council India

FlowGuard Plus CPVC piping system is the first piping material that has been granted this enlistment in India. Lubrizol Advanced Materials’ TempRite Engineered Polymers business, the global leader in CPVC resin and compounds, has announced FlowGuard Plus first Green enlistment by successfully meeting all the sustainability requirements of the Green products enlistment program as per […]

GYGY Mentis innovative commercial hub Noida

Siemens powers BMRCL’s goal towards building a smart transport infrastructure

For BMRCL Siemens has been designated as a trusted partner for implementation of the first CBTC project with GoA4 technology. It is one of the highest grade of automation that allows for trains to be automatically controlled and operated, says Tilak Raj Seth, Head – Mobility, Siemens Limited. Tell us about the current involvement of […]

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Metros can turn far off areas into economically viable prospects

With MRTS like the metro companies can tap into a larger pool of manpower based in far-off areas besides it will also give the corporates and the local population access to rapid transportation for business and other purposes, says Shashank Agarwal, MD, Salasar Techno Engineering Ltd. How important according to you is the role of […]

Cutting-edge water treatment solutions for optimal effectiveness and efficiency

PERI has consistently addressed complex challenges involved in metro projects

Hyderabad Metro, Mumbai Metro, Bengaluru metro, Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (MTHL), Lucknow metro are some of the projects which have utilised our state-of-art formwork and scaffolding system says Raj Lakhani, Managing Director – PERI (India) Private Limited. When it comes to ongoing metro railway projects, they are either overhead or underground, keeping this in mind, […]

Cutting-edge water treatment solutions for optimal effectiveness and efficiency

Metros provide a safe, secure and efficient mode of travel

It also offers better last-mile connectivity as compared to other modes of transport. Metros have proven to be more efficient in terms of energy consumption, space occupancy and numbers transported, says Nagesh Veeturi, Executive Director – Civil, KEC International Ltd. Kindly tell us about KEC’s pan India involvement in the design and implementation of infrastructure […]

West to east Bengaluru now in just 80 minutes

We place the need of people at the heart of the project

In a conversation with Vikas Bhadra, Rob Wagemans, Creative Founder/Director of Concrete Architecture Studio based in Amsterdam talks about the firm’s success stories scripted by team of 55 multi-disciplinary creatives which includes architects, interior designers and visual marketeers. “Our firm creates spaces that work and places the needs of people at the very heart of […]

Master of transforming homes into luxurious retreats

Metros and Railways: A key factor for efficient transport and logistics

Apart from reducing the transit time, metros and railways provide employability, augment demand for goods and services, connect existing cities and give birth to newer ones. A developing nation like India needs a robust transportation system which is affordable and offers the last mile connectivity. Hence the development of the railways and metros is key […]

Indian metro stations intensifying urban transformation

Precast finds extensive use in many infrastructure projects including metros and railways

Precast is also used extensively for constructing sleepers and bridges. Mass housing projects, large commercial buildings, car parks, malls and hospitals have also been constructed using the same technology, says Shridhar Rao, Sales Head India, Elematic India Pvt Ltd. What kind of control does precast concrete offer on the job site and schedule? Precast technology […]

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