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Concrete equipment for tall buildings

Concrete equipment for tall buildings

Concrete pumping technologies are essential for high- rise buildings. Today various range of concrete pumping machines are available that are economical and smart. It also helps in placing the concrete at desired height and place. Due to these features the use of concrete pumping machines has increased.

Putzmeister’s complete eSmart range for high-rise and long distance conveying
Putzmeister India has developed advanced technologies and high quality services in India with its base in Verna Industrial Estate, Goa.

Putzmeister concrete pumps are based on technical pioneer achievements. They keep attaining new records in high-rise and long distance conveying – and have been doing so for over the years.

These pumps have been configured with the right features according to the industry demands; hence these concreting stars are the highly preferred choices of the industry experts and personnel.

Wilfried Theissen, Managing Director, Putzmeister India shares about the complete range of Putzmeister eSmart machines. He says, “Putzmeister pursues a research and development (R&D) strategy that is closely linked to its client’s expectations. This need alignment and the perpetual success of the stationary concrete pumps have given the industry, a whole range of eSmart machines which includes the BSA 1404 D, BSA 1405 D and BSA 1407 D. The BSA eSmart range is equipped with the Human Machine Interface (HMI) control panel that has the Ergonic Graphic Display (EGD) which allows determining the real time operating status of the machine and diagnosing faults. The EGD displays performance parameters like pumping hours, concrete output, hydraulic oil temperature, stroke counter and other significant features that make it convenient for the operator to monitor the pumping.”

He adds, “The eSmart range features the new Open Pumping System (OPS) which helps reduce the operational costs drastically. This revolutionary system allows to reduce the hydraulic oil usage by 70 litres, which is almost 70 per cent lesser compared to the oil needed for an equivalent machine from other brands. This makes the eSmart machines very economical to run and environment friendly.”

Safety during operation
Safety during operation is the major concern of the industry. To tackle this challenge, Putzmeister machines have been designed, keeping in mind, the human and the machine safety.

With regards to safety during operating a concrete pumping machine Theissen says “The advanced safety arrangements make the machine safer to operate. The emergency switch on the control panel is conveniently accessible and it stops the entire operation of the machine when pressed in case of an emergency. The RSA – which is a grill safety switch keeps the pumps and agitator from functioning if the hopper grill is open, thereby avoiding any accidents. This ensures the safety of the machine user.”

The eSmart range also extends it safety features with the plunger cylinder guard and engine fan belt guard. The plunger cylinder guard prevents human interference with the machine while in-pumping, thus providing safety to the operator. The engine fan belt guard is provided at the vicinity of the engine pulleys with the belt in order to prevent accidents in case of damage caused to the engine fan belt.

The hose protection coil which are plastic based coils are wrapped across the hydraulic hoses to prevent rubbing of the hoses add to the safety of the machine.

“With the number of apt features, Putzmeister BSA eSmart range allows savings and safety, making it a perfect choice for concrete pumping,” states Theissen.

“With Putzmeister values of ‘Engineered for Success, Solid Partnership and Experience paves the way’, and principles of ‘Serving, Improving, and Creating Values’; Putzmeister continues to stay committed and bring high value products and excellent services to its customers,” he concludes.

SP 4507 from Schwing for present trend of high-rise requirement
“SP 4507 is a new development for the present trend of high-rise pumping requirement especially in growing real estate markets like in India and abroad. This new age pump bridges the gap between Schwing SP3800 and SP4800 capacity pumps. This will cater to the high-rise segment where the present challenges of pumping the mix with stiff consistencies at a faster rate to around 300m vertical,” informs V G Sakthikumar, Managing Director, Schwing Stetter Sales and Services Pvt Ltd.

Other features of SP 4507
• The pump develops 203 bar pressure on concrete and delivers an output of 54 cu.m per hour in high pressure configuration.
• The pump kit and rock valve of the SP 4507 each have their own hydraulic circuit. It helps to handle high grade mix. The full power of the pump kit will be available – regardless of the switching movements of the rock. This ensures a quiet pump behavior, high pumping capacity and protection of the components with less vibration.
• The new generation ‘rock’ comes with high efficient energy transfer on the concrete.
• New operator interface and emergency pressure release system will ensure safe operating environment.

Also, Schwing Stetter has high pressure concrete pumps to handle the vertical concrete back column pressure over 240 bar and these pumps are suitable to pump high grade concrete mix of M70 above 500 metre height also. Schwing Stetter has high pressure concrete conveying pipeline and clamps in variable thicknesses and sizes for handling high concrete pressure.

While informing about the features of the equipment Sakthikumar who is also Chairman of Mechanisation Committee, Builders Association of India says, “Our equipment are designed to consume less fuel, operates with low decibel levels, safer to operate, consumes less parts and has a very long service life which makes our equipment, a favourite among our customers. In addition, we have a project department, service and spares sales, training centre which was recently accredited and certified the first ever training centre to certify pump operators under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal VikasYojana through National Skill Development Corporation in the whole of India, which strengthen us even more.”


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