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Green advances in sanitary-ware

Green advances in sanitary-ware

Highlighting some of the green, intelligent features of today’s sanitary-wares.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), bathroom is the biggest water wasting space in the home. With soaring temperatures and scarcity of water, it is the need of the hour to use fixtures and products that are environmentally conscious and help in conserving water. With consumers becoming more aware and environment friendly, the demand for energy and water efficient products has also gone up. Here we talk about some of the green, intelligent features of today’s sanitary-wares.

High IQ toilets
Somany Ceramics is constantly innovating to bring about a positive change in the lives of consumers. The company has earned itself the distinction of becoming an ISO 14001 certified company for environment friendly manufacturing facility and has also been certified by the Indian Green Building Council for manufacturing eco-friendly products.

Last year, Somany launched a luxurious and smart sanitary-ware range called The French Collection. “The star of the Somany French Collection is the ‘Ace’, a high IQ toilet. This smart toilet comes with a user-defined energy save mode that saves water through efficient flushing and powerful water flow. Stronger flush technology ensures efficient flushing while eliminating the bowl resides completely with minimum wastage of water,” said Abhishek Somany, MD, Somany Ceramics Limited while commenting on the green, intelligent features of sanitary-ware offered by his company.

Germ-free sanitary-ware
Whether it is the world-class quality or modern contemporary finish, Johnson Bathrooms have always remained a step ahead with its innovative products, claims Ketan Trivedi, Sr. General Manager, Marketing, H&R Johnson India.

Johnson Bathrooms offer a wide portfolio of bath-fittings, sanitary-ware, wellness and bathing luxury products.

The wide range of Johnson Bathrooms include a rain shower panel with inbuilt FM Radio and touch screen technology, LED light on top, multiple body jets. The high quality brass knobs and rust free stainless steel makes it a perfect fit for your bathroom. The silicon rubber nozzels on the shower panels help in easy cleaning of soft deposits, thereby delivering uninterrupted flow.

Today, the trend is towards sustainable products that are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also eco-friendly. When it comes to such green products, there are some very innovative and sustainable germ-free and water saving sanitary ware and faucets that are available in the Johnson Bathrooms range.

The germ-free sanitary-ware range of Johnson Bathrooms has silver nano technology, which has unique anti-bacterial properties, giving superior hygiene and protection for a family.

Conserves water
The ecoflush facility has the ability to conserve water by using only 4.7 litres for full flush and 3 litres for half flush. “Faucets with the durashine feature give long lasting shine and its special cartridges ensure smooth movement of single lever faucets. The faucets also have eco-friendly features and contain water saving aerators,” explains Trivedi.

H&R Johnson (India) announced that their Johnson Engineered Marble and Quartz product range has been awarded the UL GREENGUARD & GREENGUARD Gold Certification. This is a very prestigious certification received after passing stringent tests for low chemical emission’s to give safe indoor air quality. UL GREENGUARD & GREENGUARD GOLD Certifications are internationally recognised product emissions certification and labelling program for manufacturers of low-emitting indoor products, furnishings, and materials.

It helps manufacturers create and buyers identify interior products and materials that have low chemical emissions, improving the quality of the air in which the products are used. These certifications are widely trusted standards for low-emitting products, with more than 400 green building codes, standards, guidelines, procurements policies, and rating systems recognising or referencing UL GREENGUARD & GREENGUARD Gold Certified products. “All the products from the Johnson Marble & Quartz division are UL GREENGUARD Gold certified and are completely safe to be used for your interiors,” assures Trivedi.

Tiles that look like stone
NITCO offers an array of organic, sustainable flooring options for consumers who are looking for modern interior options that are eco-friendly, offer elegance as well as provide traditional home comfort. Natural material finishes like wood, stones and marble and look of these tile designs are modern trends that create the look and feel of traditional homes. “Ceramic tiles are all about bold colours and patterns and wood-inspired tiles are the perfect way to be ecologically sensitive. NITCO designs and manufacturers tiles that look exactly like all kinds of different stones at more affordable prices and the manufacturing of these tiles is easier on the environment than the quarrying of real stone,” informs Ajith Babu, CEO, NITCO Limited.

Smart WC pan
VitrA, a leading bathroom solutions brand of Eczacibasi Building Products Division in Turkey introduced its technologically advanced V-care smart WC pan. Designed by the famous design studio NOA, the innovative make of shower toilets combines the functionality of a toilet and cleaning properties of a bidet while offering an impressive WC design and increased comfort.

The new V-care range of pampering WC pan is made with a specially designed nozzle spray that allows the user to regulate the water as desired. V- care can be used via a remote controller which is very easy to use and helps in controlling features like nozzle position, water pressure and the temperature of the water and the seat. Offering elegant designs with advance technology, this range virtually suits any kind of bathroom.

This innovative V-care range by VitrA is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and hygiene. The rimless design of the inner bowl and a hidden installation by VitrA makes it easier to clean the WC. Offering features like maximum drying and air purification, this range is the solution to all the personal cleaning and hygiene for every user.

It offers all the features of a modern WC along with added advantages of a touch free toilet, elegant look and a technologically advanced bathroom. The V-care range offers two alternatives- basic and comfort. With this new introduction, VitrA not only offers improved hygiene, but also increased comfort, innovative designs, durability and an aesthetic appeal to your bathrooms, assures Serhan Ates Yagiz, India Country Manager, Eczacibasi Building Products Division (VitrA India).


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