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GROHE ALLURE and GROHE AIRIO Introduce Unparalleled Luxury to Bathrooms

GROHE ALLURE and GROHE AIRIO Introduce Unparalleled Luxury to Bathrooms

GROHE has introduced their latest marvels, the NEW GROHE ALLURE and GROHE AIRIO, products deemed to be the pinnacle of bathroom luxury.

Modern design and innovation are at the crux of both these stunningly sophisticated products. NEW GROHE ALLURE fittings feature a unique and versatile product that creates perfection by fitting into bathrooms that feature your own unique style. Along with being incredibly versatile, these fittings also offer advanced functionality and durability.

This product line has a clear design story and is based on three design values: Human, Easy, and Performance. It provides an elevated level of precision in form and function as well as comfort through its adjustable mousseur and swiveling spout. The NEW GROHE ALLURE fittings are available in a range of four premium colour schemes, including chrome, brushed cool sunrise, brushed warm sunset, and hard graphite, to suit every bathroom style and concept.

Designed with the latest technology to ensure smooth and precise water flow, this product line is also made with high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and wear. The smooth and familiar geometry of these fittings adds to their cosmopolitan nature. The advanced precision ensures complete control in the hands of the user, enhancing the overall experience of using this product.

GROHE introduced to the bathroom industry a unique product with world-class technology called the GROHE AIRIO. This product is a vessel basin that seamlessly complements and enhances any bathroom space with its unique and exquisite design.

The GROHE AIRIO basins are equipped with HYPERCLEAN technology, which leaves no chance for germs to grow, and PUREGUARD, two surface technologies that deliver exceptional anti-bacterial and anti-drip performance. The new GROHE AIRIO ceramic vessel basin comes in three beautiful shapes – round basin, lozenge basin, and rectangular basin, and the advanced GROHE PROGUARD prevents dirt from sticking, making it easy to clean.

Mr. Bobby Joseph, Leader, LIXIL Water Technology (LWT) India and Subcontinent, said, “At GROHE, we are committed to bringing the best of German technology and craftsmanship to Indian households. The launch of NEW GROHE ALLURE and GROHE AIRIO in India is a testament to our commitment. These products represent the perfect blend of design, technology, and sustainability, and we are confident that they will resonate well with our Indian customers. With these products, we aim to provide an ultimate experience of luxury and cutting-edge water technology to our customers. We believe that the launch of these products will help us strengthen our market position in India and further enhance our brand’s equity in the country.”

The NEW GROHE ALLURE and GROHE AIRIO ranges are the perfect choices for those looking for a desirable product with world-class technology and high precision and control, all while providing comfort like any other GROHE product. It is the perfect way to add a touch of charm and polish to any bathroom.




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