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India: A steady market for luxurious bath and sanitary products

India: A steady market for luxurious bath and sanitary products

The concept of modern and decorated bathroom spaces in India is still restricted to high end places but it is slowly expanding and making its mark in the industry.

India is a land of 1.3 billion people and it is spread across 28 states and nine union territories. And with this vast and diverse population comes different sorts of opinion on every single issue. India then further gets dissected into the category of masses vs classes and that dynamic lives their lifestyle poles apart. When we talk of home, we straightaway talk about living room, kitchen and bedroom. For most of the people, living in even 1 BHK is a dream and luxury and if they afford to buy it then that would be their biggest achievement in life. The amount of people who pay special attention to bathroom fittings and sanitary ware must be very minute and even in that sample size, very few would know about the technicalities and latest innovations in bathtubs, shower, washbasin, faucets, shower panels and bath allied products.

Market opportunities in India:
But the revolution of bath fittings in India and especially in commercial spaces and posh areas has undergone a massive change. The thought process of people has also evolved to understand the fact that bath spaces add an aesthetic appeal as well as to beautify the place. Many international companies are also making giant strides in India and are exploring the market with latest offerings in bath fittings and sanitary ware.

Vinay Jain, CEO, Grafdoer Bath & Kitchenware offers his opinion on market opportunities in India for luxurious bath products and says, “Earlier bathroom furnishing was hardly the focus area for the Indian consumer but off late Indian consumers has started beautifying their bathrooms. Bath fittings market in India has evolved over the decades from being perceived as merely a functional value product to the one which has more exciting features that makes the entire bathing experience exciting. The advanced range of bathroom solutions comprises bath tubs, basins, shower accessories, faucets, etc. with increased emphasis on luxury, style and elegance. Rising disposable incomes and change in lifestyle have raised the demand for luxury and modern bath fittings and accessories in the Indian market from the housing, healthcare and hospitality sectors. Growing demand for premium bathroom fittings has also drawn the interest of international brands. Now, many international brands are also entering the Indian market.”

He further adds, “Nowadays, modern bath fittings with single lever, thermostatic mixer are getting more popular day by day and a drastic change that one can see is in the ceramic products market for example, Matt colour and electroplated colour basins getting popular. We have very good expectations from Indian market for luxury bath fittings and the rising disposable income will be a big factor behind this along with other factors like booming tourism, exposure of global market and rising awareness in public.”

Asutosh Shah, Managing Director, Duravit India feels that the future when it comes to sanitary ware and bathroom fittings in India looks promising. He says, “In India, the future looks exhilarating. Even though Tier I cities get us the largest chunk of business, Tier II and III cities in India hold immense potential for a brand like Duravit. Rising disposable incomes and the growing demand for luxurious products in these cities as well have led to several big ticket projects which are under construction in these cities.  This is surely is the next phase of growth, while in the metro cities, the consumer is already pretty sure of his/her demands.”

Design choice of Indian customers:
Gaurav Malhotra, Managing Director, Hansgrohe India agrees to the fact that the changing mindset of Indian customers has also played a huge role in getting attracted to luxurious and stylish bathroom fittings. He elaborates his point and says, “Bathroom designs in India have evolved in the past decade. The space in a house or an apartment which was thought about, at the last, the space which was considered just for daily ablution has now become a personal spa, most private place in the house. Upgrading bathroom spaces led to bathroom fittings being given an increased emphasis. The bathroom fittings are available in countless shapes, finishes and styles. It helps customers to understand how a particular kind of shower or faucet can change the ambience of the bathroom.”

Gaurav also simplifies the term luxurious and how it boils down to quality and not quaintly for your bath space. He points out, “Few years ago, what resonated luxury included bathroom fittings in gold finish, big shower heads, a classic looking faucet – everything that can be related to an expensive bathroom. Over a period of time, people have realised that it is not necessarily an expensive bathroom will be luxurious. Luxury means less clutter and more comfort, minimal design and maximum output. For bathroom owners, a luxurious bathroom is one which reflects their personal statement, a room to enter into after the hectic day and rejuvenate.”

Maurizio Meloda, Technical & Operations Director, Graff is also on the same opinion regarding the taste of Indian consumers in bathroom fittings and says, “Over the years, the market expanded not only in terms of size but also in terms of typology. The Indian consumer has showed more interest in design and quality products and has become, at the same time, more demanding.  The interest for private wellness seems to emerge more and more from the wealthiest part of Indian consumers.”

India in the 21st century is changing with times and the concept of luxurious, modern bathroom and sanitary ware is making its presence felt. The market for it is still pretty tiny but with changing lifestyle and growing economy, it is only going to surge in near future.


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  1. I agree that the demand for a luxurious bath and sanitary products is increasing rapidly in India. India will soon become a country with the highest number of middle-class people and this will improve the demand for all necessities including bathroom fittings. All posh areas already have a high-end bath and sanitary products as they are aware of the innovative products as well as the designs available in today’s market. Thank you.

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