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Grafdoer: The new kid on the block

Grafdoer provides modern, affordable, stylish bathwaters and sanitary ware and is making rapid strides in various states across India says Vinay Jain, CEO, Grafdoer Bath & Kitchenware. How do you see the market opportunities in luxury bath and sanitary fittings in India? Grafdoer has very good expectations from Indian market. Earlier bathroom furnishing was hardly […]

Duravit teams up with Sieger design for new product range

With Happy D.2 Plus, Duravit has teamed up with Sieger design to realize current trends in colors, design, and finishes. The archetypical open oval of the Happy D. design classic also runs through the elements of this new, supplementary range. Above-counter wash bowls with precise lines, stand-alone consoles and matching semi-tall cabinets as well as […]