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Nature-inspired workspace VEE Technologies innovative office

Nature-inspired workspace VEE Technologies innovative office

“In the heart of Salem, VEE Technologies has redefined the workplace, where walls dissolve into gardens, and innovation thrives amidst nature’s embrace.”

VEE Technologies, located in Salem, Tamil Nadu, is revolutionising the workplace concept by seamlessly blending the indoors with the outdoors. This innovative approach aims to create a rejuvenating environment for its 450 employees, where work, collaboration, and nature intertwine within the office premises.

Situated as the inaugural structure in a sprawling 9-acre high-tech commercial business park, this 30,000 sq. ft office sets the stage for a sustainable future. The building is a testament to sustainability, constructed with recyclable materials like steel and a flexible structural grid. Its design is cost-effective and adaptable, ensuring that it can easily be repurposed as the business park evolves.

In recognising that we spend a significant portion of our lives at work, IMK Architects created a workspace that fosters positivity and connectivity with nature. Their vision for VEE Technologies was to craft an ‘office within a garden,’ a place where employees eagerly anticipate their workdays.

Considering the company’s need for a secure environment restricting personal mobile phone usage and external access, the architects strategically organised the space. Three distinct work studios and a cafeteria are connected by 2-meter-wide passages, providing both security and flexibility. The central studio accommodates 54 workstations, a training area, and a conference room, while the other two houses 160 and 180 workstations each. The arrangement of these blocks around partially shaded courtyards allows employees to step outside without leaving the building.

Each studio features an open layout with floor-to-ceiling windows, moving away from the traditional cubicle-style office. Courtyards and gardens alongside these studios create a sense of immersion in nature, offering outdoor break areas equipped with benches, grass mounds, and native flora.

Sustainability is at the core of the design, with the building oriented North-South to minimise heat gain while maximising natural light. Smart design choices, such as north-facing windows, rooftop solar panels, and responsive air conditioning systems, enhance energy efficiency. Custom-designed lighting adjusts to ambient conditions, conserving energy and improving the working environment.

The VEE Technologies office sets a precedent for a sustainable, employee-centric workplace that harmonises with nature to boost well-being and productivity. It exemplifies that offices should be spaces where individuals eagerly anticipate their daily endeavours, fostering growth and innovation. In essence, it’s a step towards the future of workspaces.

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