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Leminex transforms surfaces with cutting-edge finishes and resilient colours.

“Our laminates possess limitless potential in surface adornment, infusing new life through innovative finishes and vibrant colours.” A prominent manufacturer of high-pressure and compact laminates, Leminix has gained acclaim for its opulent laminates across Europe and Asia since its inception in 1978. Leminix’s perspective has always been that laminates are more than mere backdrops; they […]

A hospital’s transformative journey towards accessible healthcare

“Sarvodaya Hospital’s innovative transformation showcases the immense potential of repurposing urban infrastructure, setting a precedent for accessible and sustainable healthcare solutions in densely populated regions.” Sarvodaya Hospital, situated in the densely populated National Capital Region of Delhi, is a 300-bed super-speciality healthcare facility that emerged as a solution to the inadequate healthcare services in the […]

Hamidia hospital transforms into a smart Medi-City

A Smart Medi-City exemplifies the delicate balance between preserving cultural heritage and embracing modern healthcare, creating a beacon of urbanisation for Indian cities. Hamidia Hospital in Bhopal is an emblem of historical significance dating back to the 18th-century Fatehgarh Fort premises, nestled by the Grand Lake. This venerable edifice has evolved over the centuries, adapting […]

Office 543, a compact architectural marvel in Mohali

A Symphony of simplicity and functionality illuminating Mohali’s urban landscape. Nestled within the bustling commercial district of Mohali, Punjab, the ingenious design of Office 543 by Charged Voids emerges as a triumph of architectural brilliance on a tight 140-square-meter plot. Demonstrating a seamless fusion of the client’s construction expertise and the studio’s design philosophies, this […]

Nuo: A new paradigm in urban hospitality design

A metropolitan hotel designed to offer a high-quality environment to travellers within the heart of the city. In stark contrast to commonplace adaptations of existing structures for urban hospitality projects, Nuo stands as a bespoke creation, designed and built from the ground up to optimise the hotel’s functionalities efficiently tailored by Akshat Bhatt, Principal Architect, […]

A fusion of elegance and tranquillity in Lawrence Park

Elegance, refinement, and solace converge to create a refuge of tranquillity amidst the vibrant urban panorama, Rohit Bhoite, Founder & Director of RB House of Design Nestled in Ontario’s serene Lawrence Park, Subdued Luxury embodies the seamless fusion of space and design. This testament to refined living emerged through a monumental collaboration between Toronto’s real […]

Nature-inspired workspace VEE Technologies innovative office

“In the heart of Salem, VEE Technologies has redefined the workplace, where walls dissolve into gardens, and innovation thrives amidst nature’s embrace.” VEE Technologies, located in Salem, Tamil Nadu, is revolutionising the workplace concept by seamlessly blending the indoors with the outdoors. This innovative approach aims to create a rejuvenating environment for its 450 employees, […]