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Sustainability: A goal rather than a ‘perfect’ solution

India’s construction sector is assessed at approximately $100 billion industry . As a result of government spending, private investments as well as foreign direct investment, India has made a place for itself into the top ten spending nations on construction globally. A recent report on “Global Construction 2020”, assessed that India will be the third […]

The advent of tech-infused prefabrication

It takes an intention to build sustainable: Ar. Prem Nath

Most of the projects, today, aspire to be green, only to achieve green rating certificates, while there are developments which achieve ‘green’ and are then awarded green ratings & special citations. Ar. Prem Nath,Prem Nath and Associates Sustainable construction for today’s needs “Sustainable Construction, today, is an inevitable fact of life,” says Ar. Prem Nath […]

Modular airport – Future of Indian aviation

Understanding Sustainable Construction: Ar. Narasimhan

Sustainability should embrace the interplay of environmental performance, social responsibility and economic accountability. Ar. Naresh V Narasimhan, Head, Venkataramanan Associates Sustainable construction’ for today’s needs “Sustainability is one of the world’s most talked about, but least understood word. Its meaning is often clouded by differing interpretations,” says Ar. Naresh V Narasimhan, Head, Venkataramanan Associates. “There […]

Modular airport – Future of Indian aviation

Sustainable construction associated with energy efficiency: Ar. Anchuri

In the context of building design, sustainability seeks to diminish the negative environmental impact of buildings. Ar. S.P. Anchuri, Chief Consultant, Anchuri & Anchuri ‘Sustainable construction’ for today’s needs “Sustainability is today’s expression. It has the supernatural of attracting everybody’s attention,” says Ar. Er. S. P. Anchuri, Chief Consultant, Anchuri and Anchuri. Explaining it with […]

Modular airport – Future of Indian aviation

Sustainability is at the epicentre of designs at Studio Symbiosis

An understanding of the site, topography, materials, design brief, structure and services is essential to create sustainable architecture. It is the integration of all these elements that result in complete sustainable architecture Amit Gupta, Founding Partners, Studio Symbiosis The design philosophy at Studio Symbiosis is to create integrated design solutions imbibing amalgamated, efficient, robust and […]

Modular airport – Future of Indian aviation

Green buildings help achieve sustainable development

With the advent of the era of green buildings, we have begun to understand the concept of sustainability in construction and its importance. Vivek Talwar,CMD, NITCO Ltd. Construction industry in India has been a major part of the economy and plays an important role in the development of country’s infrastructure by providing gigantic economic influx. […]

Modular airport – Future of Indian aviation