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A Class Marble replenishes exclusive jewel-themed Exotica Collection

This premium collection blends the classical elegance of marble with the shimmering aesthetic of quartz, rubies, and emeralds to create an exquisite ensemble that boasts rare, one-of-a-kind patterns. Premier marble brand A Class Marble is adding three new product ranges to their exclusive Exotica marble collection. The new additions, named Patagonia, Emerald Quartz, and Blue Jeans, feature precious gem-themed marbles specially […]

Upgrade your space with ARS Wooden Flooring’s diverse range

TATA Projects secures order for Chennai Peripheral Ring Road Project

This strategically important six-lane peripheral ring road project is valued at Rs. 2100 crores and targeted for completion in three years. TATA Projects Limited, one of India’s fastest growing and most admired infrastructure companies, today announced that the company has secured an order of approximately Rs. 2100 crores for Phase 1 of Chennai Peripheral Ring Road Project (Northern […]

Asian Paints introduces a brand-new paint industry category

Architecture and Design : Crafting identities and cities

Architecturally speaking, the Indian panorama is an integration of traditional and contemporary styles of building and design, much like the diversity, which defines our Indian identity. The architecture and design space across the globe is an assimilation of the past and the present. The past is denoted by traditional architecture which was built decades ago […]

The advent of tech-infused prefabrication

The wisdom of traditional architecture can be reinterpreted to suit contemporary requirements.

The key is also to not to let engineering dominate architecture but to work out a solution that is aesthetically pleasing as well as solves the problem at hand, says Aishwarya Tipnis, Principal Architect, Aishwarya Tipnis Architects. Why did you choose to become an architect/designer? I grew up in the 1980s Delhi where heritage was […]

Designing an award-winning Courtyard CCR Lab

Fenestration is an integral part of any residential or commercial structure

Rising energy & material costs and sensitivity towards the environment have increased the importance of fenestration more than ever before, says Aparna Reddy, Director, Aparna Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Are the fenestration techniques of traditional Indian architecture useful in contemporary times? The traditional Indian architecture involved fenestration to improve ventilation and lighting by letting the natural […]

Drythane solutions drive energy efficiency and prolong building lifespan

The placement, design, and selection of materials for fenestration are extremely important

Having said that, windows and skylights must also be designed in a proper way to ensure the facility is safe, secure and easily maintainable, says, Mitali Araham, Managing Partner, Crafted Spaces. Are the fenestration techniques of traditional Indian architecture useful in contemporary times? In today’s modern extensive glass facades, the concept of traditional Indian architecture […]

Designing an award-winning Courtyard CCR Lab