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K-Lite wins prestigious & coveted awards

K-Lite has once again proved their mettle by winning strings of awards in recent years, which were both artistic and commercial successes. Recently, on 18th August 2021, “The National Architecture and Interior Design Excellence Awards & Conference 2021, Global Edition” has recognized the best efforts of K-Lite and Ms.Sharmila Kumbhat, Director, K-Lite Industries has been […]

The Real Woman award honours female entrepreneurs of the construction industry

Stainless steel provides tremendous design flexibility to construction projects

Besides that stainless steel is an aesthetic metal and also imparts a much needed visual appeal says Rajeev Garg, Head, Sales, Jindal Stainless How did stainless steel replace the existing ways and methods of constructing buildings and become a preferred building material in many projects? Stainless steel is a modern day metal. It is corrosion-resistant, […]

Modular airport – Future of Indian aviation

Materials that address sustainability and robustness will forge the buildings of the future

The focus will be on extending the ambit of ESG performance to the supply chain. Immediate focus areas for the industry include mechanisms to decarbonize core materials says Namrata Mehra, Head of Design, Marketing & Customer Centricity Vikhroli, Godrej Properties What kind of maintenance is required for the existing buildings which have come into existence […]

How predictive maintenance transforms facility management

MagicLite ALC Wall Panels: Helping you build better and affordable homes

Magiclite ALC Wall Panels are full height wall panels, steel reinforced, lightweight yet heavy duty product which have been long desired by builders, engineers, architects and consumers. Magicrete is considered to be one of the most innovative building materials companies in India. What according to you has Magicrete achieved in its 10+ years journey in […]

Ramco Industries excels through innovation and dedication in the building materials sector

Multiparking systems can address the paucity of parking spaces in growing metros

The parking space in metro cities has remained constant or rather reduced due to the growing population, this has led to the rising demand for parking space which can be addressed effectively with technology-based solution like multiparking systems says Sameer Chikate, Business Head – Sales, KLAUS Multiparking Systems Pvt Ltd What are the technological advances […]

Modular airport – Future of Indian aviation

Nova plastic formwork can help scale up the speed of construction

This has strengthened our presence in high-rises and infrastructure projects has increased drastically. We have added new clients too, says Vikas Mittal, Director, Nova Formworks Pvt Ltd Since there has been a significant rise in infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, water etc, how would the infrastructure segment benefit from plastic formwork? Nova plastic formwork can […]

Modular airport – Future of Indian aviation

JBFS Engineering Systems Pre-Engineered steel structures outlast severe weather conditions

The Pre-Engineered Buildings maintain their appearance and functionality throughout the life of the building due to, the quality built into the process and the raw materials used says Mr. Ramesh Bothra, Director and CEO, JBFS Engineering Systems Pvt. Ltd. What are the long-term benefits of a pre-engineered steel structure? The Pre-Engineered steel structures have witnessed […]

Modular airport – Future of Indian aviation

High-Rise maintenance techniques: The key to improving the building lifespan

From perfect choice of materials to preemptive techniques and proper design and planning the maintenance of a high-rise building is a multi-facetted issue. A cross India construction of high-rises is prevalent, in current times they have also come to define the status and prestige of urban cities. But to keep this prestige intact maintenance of […]

Indian metro stations intensifying urban transformation

The major challenge even architects are facing is climate change

We constitute an industry that is responsible for around 40% energy consumption, that should make us take some major decisions in terms of the projects we do, the materials we use, and how we build. says Hans-Petter Bjørnådal, Founder and Principal Architect, Bjørnådal Arkitektstudio AS What is your idea of good design? I think a […]

Master of transforming homes into luxurious retreats

Repair and maintenance of concrete surfaces and structures of a building is important

Structural safety audits must be undertaken every four decades at least and after every extreme seismic incident says Madhav Raman, Co-Founder, Anagram Architects What kind of maintenance is required for the existing buildings which have come into existence as a part of the modern construction methods? In recent times, to enhance speed, scale and resource […]

How predictive maintenance transforms facility management