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Sustainable design prevents depletion of resources

Architecture and design play a crucial role in creating any human settlement respecting solar movement, natural resources and material application. Energy efficiency can serve as a stepping stone for green growth, eco-efficiency, and sustainable development. A well-conceived energy efficiency strategy enables to improve living standards. An energy-efficient building reduces maintenance and utility costs, also improving […]

The advent of tech-infused prefabrication

Curiosity drives design innovation

Keeping sustainability as the focal point of its design process, Blocher Partners India is trying to bring simple, timeless architecture to its customers by incorporating ideas of sustainability. The architecture firm seeks to provide comfortable space for users while using minimum energy. Principal Architect and Managing Director, Hartmut Wurster discussed vital elements in the design […]

SAGI Architects designs office using shipping containers

Digitisation, IoT to make energy affordable

Digitisation enables gradual change in asset performance management, operator’s empowerment making enterprises and facilities more agile to adapt to varying operating conditions. Shrinivas Chebbi, President- Buildings Business, Schneider Electric told Shashi Kumar Sharma of ACE Update how digitisation maximises comfort and energy efficiency in buildings.. How aware is the Indian market for efficient use of […]

We aim to build a long-term resilience & Net Zero Future

High-strength makes structures trustworthy

Mechanical stress, environmental conditions and durability are key considerations while manufacturing. Adhesives and sealants play a cogent role when it comes to advancing the longevity and strengthening of a structure. Adhesives are used basis their holding and bonding power and are materials that possess high tensile strength. Whereas, sealants have the ability to fill gaps […]

The emerging landscape of sustainable architecture

thyssenkrupp bags high-speed elevator project

thyssenkrupp announced its first project to install six m/s high-speed elevators in 244 metre high-rise project – Ruparel Ariana, developed by Ruparel Realty, in Parel, Mumbai. thyssenkrupp will install nine elevators, seven units of TE-HP (high performance) 61, out of which 5 elevator units are with 6 m/s speed with 70 stops and a travel […]

An innovative approach to faster and smarter station redevelopment