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Towards ecological, rapid construction

Adequate use of innovative techniques, materials are imperative for building roads and bridges faster and better. The road sector produces the highest level of greenhouse gas, directly, through fossil energy used in mining, transportation, paving works and indirectly through the emissions coming from vehicles. Environmental laws are getting stricter in order to reduce the air […]

Indian metro stations intensifying urban transformation

Evolving technology in tunnel construction

Manufacturers developing tunnelling equipment that support producing high-quality, safe and durable structures. Tunnelling equipment manufacturers are developing tunnelling technology to produce safe, high quality and long-lasting tunnel structures even in new, highly complex terrain. Tunnel construction method depends on factors such as the ground conditions, ground water conditions, length and diameter of the tunnel drive, […]

The emerging landscape of sustainable architecture

Challenges spur towards sustainable urbanism

Factors that are to be studied and surveyed when designing a bridge or flyover include traffic load, future traffic projection, types of load, etc. With a multitude of mass transit-oriented development projects in its kitty, Creative Group has built expertise in large-scale transportation infrastructure projects over time. The architecture firm is currently working on Kartarpur […]

GYGY Mentis innovative commercial hub Noida

Polybond insulation: providing thermal comfort and fire safety

With continuous efforts for fire safety and sustainability building design and their compliances requirement especially for high rise and green buildings, revised new building code has become essential in several western countries. For high energy efficiency, the building envelope must be well insulated and air tight to reduce heat gain or loss problematic to energy […]

Skora’s eco-friendly solutions with smart quartz technology

Building sturdy bridges

Modern bridge construction demands technologies that are faster, safer and innovative. Infrastructure development has a significant share in India’s economy, be it roads, railways, metro-rail, airports or affordable housing. Construction of bridges is at the core of any development for roads, railways and metro rail. Keeping up standards For nearly 50 years, PERI products and […]

PCMC receives platinum by IGBC

Quality concrete gives stronger roads

For higher quality of concrete, taking precautions while choosing the raw material is crucial for sustainable road building. High quality concrete is essential for road construction as roads are dedicatedly used for heavy and light vehicular movement. The quality of concrete is achieved by attending following precautions. The raw material used for quality concrete i.e. […]

The emerging landscape of sustainable architecture